Live Edge Table

Various woodworking creations along with unique, custom painted, and handcrafted furniture.

I love how live edge wood looks paired with metal.  I had a customer bring in an old Singer sewing machine stand that had belonged to his mother and had been sitting outside for years.  He wanted to keep the stand for sentimental reasons, so I said that I could at least make it into something that he could use instead of just rusting away.

I had a friend who welded some metal pieces onto the stand in place of the wood that was on there before.  Naturally, I forgot to take pictures of just the stand so that you can see what a great job he did, but trust me – you can’t even tell it wasn’t part of the original stand!!  I then added a gorgeous piece of maple on top and epoxied it, making it beautiful and functional!

I have another piece that I’ll be working on that’s similar, so be sure to keep an eye on my website to see it when it arrives!

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