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What began as trying my hand at a project a few years ago while I was pregnant with my now grown son has evolved into an as-often-as-I-can hobby while continually striving to hone my craftsmanship skills.

I’ve always created my woodworking and painting projects for myself, for friends, or for my family, but I have finally decided to put my work up and out there for anyone else who might enjoy them. 

I put a lot of attention and time into everything I create – sometimes adding or changing the original design to suit the look I’m going for.

Refurbishing Repainting


As of late, I’ve expanded into refurbishing, repainting, and repurposing old furniture.

Everything posted is priced according to the amount of time and work put into them.

Beautiful Custom Designs

I can also be contacted for commission of new items, custom items, and repurposing or restoring old furniture.

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